how to get permanent gains from pumping

Is It Possible To Get Permanent Gains From Pumping?

So, you want to learn how to get permanent gains from pumping? While many people argue that it is not possible to get permanent gains from pumping, there are just as many people who have tested this idea and claim you CAN in fact achieve permanent gains with a penis pump, but it will take some time. First of all, you need to ask yourself how much work and consistency you are willing to put in.

On the other hand, if you are just looking to have some fun with minimal effort, you won’t likely get permanent gains from pumping, BUT, pumping can still have many benefits in terms of girth, length, visual stimulation, more sensitivity, and more. See our list of the BEST penis pumps that will blow your mind & hers.

The penis pumps on that list are both practical for long term growth & recreational, but the truth is, you will likely not get permanent gains from pumping on a purely recreational basis.

However, for those who are a bit more serious, permanent gains come from a disciplined regiment of consistent pumping over time and implementing other strategies in conjunction with pumping. Think of it like going to the gym. If you want results, you just gotta do it consistently. Even if you don’t feel like it. Luckily, it’s not quite as arduous as going to the gym, but you get the point.

What pump should I use?

Not all pumps are created equal. Before you rush out and buy a pump, read up on BEST penis pumps that will blow your mind & hers.

Although these devices seem simple, there’s more to them than meets the eye. If you want to get reliable gains from pumping, educate yourself first. That way, you’ll be sure to get great results as quickly as possible! In addition to reading about basic pumping techniques, also look into which products can enhance your experience. Many companies sell additives designed specifically for use with penis pumps; however, for this purpose, we recommend choosing #2 from our list of best penis pumps.

How To Get Permanent Gains From Pumping

Ok so now that we’ve covered some of the ground work, let’s talk about how to get permanent gains from pumping.

The first thing to know is that if you are mainly interested in length, you will want to use other tools such as one the best extenders on the market, however, this strategy will be mainly focused on girth, which also happens to be a much bigger factor when it comes to satisfying the ladies.

You can also look at the best supplements for men for an even bigger boost in performance and size.

Ok let’s get into it!

1. Warm up with about 5 minutes of jelqing

Jelqing is an exercise for penis enlargement. It is also a very good way to warm up before you start pumping. Many people have found that the combination of jelqing and pumping really maximizes the size of the penile corpora cavernosa which is believed to induce larger permanent gains from penis pumping in the long-term.

2. Commit to a consistent daily pumping routine

It’s a good idea to start with 5-10 minutes per day, and then adjust to a frequency that you can stick with. Starting off with a lower time allows you to ease into your routine without overworking yourself. You can always go longer when you’re ready! Remember: it’s not about how many times or how much time; consistency is key!

3. Use an extender in addition to your pumping routine

Most people who have tried penis pumps have also used extenders to enhance their gains. In short, an extender relies on the scientifically-proven Traction Method, a scientifically-tested technique for attaining permanent penis enlargement. We recommend the ProExtender to get the best results.

4. Take notes and measurements regularly

Logging your penis growth is an important part of gaining permanent gains from pumping. You’ll want to track your starting and ending flaccid and erect lengths, as well as your girth measurements. It’s also recommended to record how long you’ve been pumping, at what frequency and in what way—whether that’s time spent per day, week or month. This will help keep you accountable for your progress and track any changes in size over time which is extremely important for optimizing your process and results!

5. Use a cock ring

After your pump, using a cock ring will force your penis to stay engorged for a longer time. Start with 20 minutes and work your way up from there. Be sure to take it off immediately, if you experience and numbing, or discoloration in your penis.


In the end, the process will have to be adapted to every individual person, however, the above 4 steps are the main foundational steps that will get you started on the right path for your enlargement journey.

Below is a list of our top recommended tools for the job

Using a penis pump for permanent gains is no cake walk. Like most things that are worth while, it takes time, and effort. Yet, once you understand how and why permanent gains can be achieved, along with knowing how to properly measure them, using a penis pump really does make sense as a highly effective form of lasting penis enlargement.

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