How To Take A Good Dick Pic

As a content manager for adult creators, the topic of how to take a good dick pic has come up more than once. I’ve worked with many Onlyfans models, cam girls, and so on. Needless to say, they are getting endless waterfalls of dick pics spammed into their dms every day, so they know a thing or two about how to take a good dick pic. In this article, we’ve decided to dig in a bit farther and ask them what exactly are the kinds of dick pics that turn them on.

Guys pay attention! This is the stuff that makes the difference of whether you are going to gross her out & forever be branded into the “ew” category OR get her hot and bothered, and begging for more. So let’s get into it!

Do women actually want to see dick pics?

The truth is… ONLY IF THEY LIKE YOU. Don’t be the dick spammer. In other words… If you’re one of those dudes that likes to spam your dick into the dm’s of women before they’ve actually asked for it, then trust the fact they will be forever turned off by you from that point forward.

When it comes to adult content creators (Onlyfans, cam girls, etc) These women earn a living by pumping up your ego and making you feel like a king. Obviously they are not going to say anything negative about your dick, but you can trust the fact that they DO NOT like receiving unsolicited dick pics.

I’ve seen their dm’s. It’s DICKS EVERYWHERE. They see dozens or even hundreds of dicks from dick spammers everyday. You can also trust there are plenty huge perfect dicks in her inbox. You think she will be so impressed with your slightly above average cock next to the 9 inch shrek dick who just spammed her inbox 3 seconds ago? I promise she won’t.

Seriously though, just don’t be a dick spammer. Girls don’t like it. Not even if you have a big one. That is true for ALL women, whether you are talking to someone on Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, Onlyfans, or anywhere else.

On the other hand, it IS possible to make YOUR dick stand out. (even if it’s not that impressive) I’ve seen many models build genuine connections with some of their fans and even get turned on, and look forward to receiving dick pics from certain people under the proper circumstances. If she actually likes you, she would much rather see YOUR average sized dick than the giant shrek dick that randomly showed up in her dm’s with the message “You like baby?”

If she likes you, not only will she want to see your dick, but anything can happen from there. She may even want to meet you in person to take it farther. It happens more often than you may think. If you can be THAT guy, then you will be regarded much higher in status than anyone else who is talking to her. ESPECIALLY those, who are spamming their dicks into everyone’s inbox without building a genuine connection first.

Biggest Mistakes to avoid

Assuming you get to the part where she wants to see what you’re packing, the last thing you want to do is just whip out your junk all willy nilly and start snapping photos, no. You see… If you want to learn how to take a good dick, you have to pay attention to the details. From the women we’ve asked, here are some of the top things to avoid.

1. A Messy house or bedroom

As men, we don’t think about things like this, because to us it doesn’t matter at all, however, if you have a messy house or bedroom, women will be more focused on THAT then the package you are trying to show off. Having an aesthetically pleasing setting is important if you are wanting to take a good dick pic. Don’t overlook it! If you want to impress with a dick pic, make sure your bedroom is clean. Take a moment to tidy up or put away any dirty laundry before snapping a pic. You don’t want to give off an impression that you’re messy in general.

2.  The flaccid dick pic

For a woman, looking at a flaccid dick pic is about as fun and sexy as looking at a bag of potatoes. Don’t ever send a pic of your flaccid dick. She simply doesn’t want to see it in the consistency of a gummy bear. Get yourself hard or use one of these penis pumps to give yourself a little extra something to impress her.

3.  The Close up shot

There are certain rare occasions where a close up may be acceptable, but as a general rule of thumb just stay away from it. Most women say the close up shot is more horrifying than sexy.

4.  The Cat fish dick shot

Women can tell when you are pressing down on the base of your dick to try and make it look bigger or taking pics from angles that obviously misrepresent the size and girth of your willy. If you want it to look bigger, then it actually needs to BE BIGGER. See our list of best penis pumps if you really want to impress her. Taking honest pictures is hotter to women than trying to misrepresent your size and make it look like you are a little bigger than you are. Remember… They are QUEENS of angles and they know when you are using angles to misrepresent yourself. To them, that is a huge turn off!

6.  The straight down shot

This probably makes up the large majority dick pics. You’re sitting or standing and taking shot straight down with no context or ambiance. That type of dick pic is not going to turn her on. There are much better ways to take your dick pic which we will be getting into on the next section.

7.  Lack of grooming

When a woman is thinking about a romantic fantasy with you, the last thing you want is to make her think she needs to bring a machete for a jungle bushwhacking experience. You should always keep yourself groomed, and if you’re not groomed… DON’T take any pictures of it. Period.

8.  Keeping your shirt on

A good way to turn a woman off is to take your pants off while leaving your shirt on. Maybe, you haven’t hit the gym in a while and you’re not proud of that beer belly. Too bad. If she’s asking to see your dick, then she’s also asking to see your body. She doesn’t want to see your shirt with your goods hanging out the bottom. It’s not a good look to turn her on. Suck it up and take the shirt off.

How To Take A Good Dick Pic

Now that we’ve covered some of the biggest mistakes to avoid, let’s look at what you SHOULD be doing and how to take a good dick pic. One of the BEST things you can do is simply ask her what she wants to see. Many women are turned on when you ask, and even more turned on when they get to tell you what they want. However, for the women who prefer to leave it up to you, here are some of the best practices for you to follow.

1. Show your abs or dad bod

Women want to see context. That means showing MORE than just your dick. One of the best ways to do this, is right after a shower when the room is still steamy and you have to wipe off the mirror just a little bit to expose your body and pubic area. Out of the women surveyed, that was the TOP shot that turns them on most.

2. Use the “Almost” dick pic

Many women will actually be much MORE turned on if you leave something to the imagination. This might be something like standing in front of the mirror using a small towel or something similar to cover up the majority of your package while leaving just barely enough visible to drive her wild.

3. The clothed dick pic

Similar to the “almost” dick pic, this one leaves a bit to the imagination, yet drives women crazy. Again, be sure to have some body and thighs in the picture as well. You’ll want to be fully erect wearing nothing but boxers so that she can see a clear outline of your package without actually seeing the package itself.

4. Use your hands

If you want to use your hands, no problem! Many women prefer seeing a man with a full grip on his goods rather than just his dick alone. As always, don’t be too close with the photo. Show a bit of body and don’t misrepresent your size.

5. The side is usually best

As I mentioned before, one of the worst ways to take a dick pic is just a close up from the top down. A much better way, is to take the picture from the side. A good way to do it, is sitting back on your bed. One leg flat and the other with a bent knee. Use one arm out to the side to create as much distance as possible and take the photo, while the other is being used to tease and cover the majority of your goods. Then maybe in the next shot, you can reveal a little more. This will drive her wild.

6. Use a penis pump

Penis pumps can make your dick pic experience much more fun for yourself and her. Trust the fact that she wants to see you as big and as hard as possible. Using a penis pump & watching your cock get bigger and harder than it’s ever been before feels good in addition to being visually stimulating. See our list of best penis pumps to find one that is best for you. It makes the whole process of how to take a good dick pic that much better.


As you can see, there is a fair amount of variables to consider when you are thinking about showing off your package to the next lucky lady that you meet. However, if you follow the guidelines on this article, the chances of your dick soaring above the rest will significantly increase. Good luck.