Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans

The Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans page is one of the newest to emerge from stardom gained from the world of Youtube. “Elizabeth,” or Lizzy, hails from New Jersey and once dreamed of becoming, interestingly, an FBI agent. If you’ve followed this prolific content producer, you’re probably familiar with her comedic style, and short tune covers which were big on Vine before being shut down. Now, she is planning to strike it big on OnlyFans.

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In this article, we are going to answer the question: Is the Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans worth it? Keep reading more to find out.

How Much Does Lizzy Wurst Make On OnlyFans?

To research for this Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans review, there are only a few tidbits to show how much she could be making on the platform.

We know the Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans started in April 2020 and since then she has followed a pretty solid trajectory upwards in terms of content and subscribers.

It’s estimated that with approximately 50,000 subscribers at $25 per month, she’s earning a decent amount from that revenue alone ($1,250,000 per month). Top on her tip menu, and the added bonuses for all the extra content and we can estimate that she is one of the OnlyFans top earners are $1.7 to $2.0 million per month. That is a legendary amount of cash for this platform.

Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans OnlyFans – Is It Worth It?

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Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans Review: OVERALL SCORE

3.5 out of 10

Below is a breakdown of why we rated Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans Review at 3.5 out of 10

  • Content quality & spiciness (On a scale from modest to explicit)
  • Content frequency (How often does she post?)
  • Engagement (Does she respond to comments & DM’s?)
  • Price (Subscription and PPV)


7 out of 10

The Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans review shows that her first post was April 15th, 2020. On her main page, she has a lower than average amount of starting content numbers wise, with just 225 photos. Off the hop, for a new subscriber, this is an okay, but not a stellar amount to be starting off at to get to know a creator. While it doesn’t rate to the quantity you would get from the pro’s on the OnlyFans network, it’s still enough to sink your teeth into.

What about the quality and the spice level? Actually, in review, it’s pretty darn good. While the average OnlyFans page has a usual spread of bikini’s, selfies and photoshoot snaps, you can tell Lizzy has put time and thought into her page, making the photos of ‘boudoir’ quality and lots of enticing shots to keep one interested. This is well above what we would call the “instagram” level of spice, and provides you with enough of a tease to want to learn more.

The video content leaves a lot to be desired, and hurts her in the star rating on this category. Out of the 6 videos, while they are perky and show her good character, they aren’t long enough or enough quantity to earn a higher rating.


3 out of 10

While doing research for the Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans review, from what I can tell, it looks like her focus is keeping the main page populated with 1 posts per week. Her latest one at time of review “my booty needs a massage” shows a pic of her in workout gear with her booty showing. While that’s a pretty good photo and caption, it’s the only one in 11 days, and for this price point, that’s not enough for a quality score in this category.

Like we spoke about earlier in the Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans review, she wouldn’t go amiss from providing just a little more quantity in the main page content, if anything to entice her new fans to start getting excited about her page and the content.


2 out of 10

After subscribing to the Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans, I received nothing. Sweet silence. So i waited. And waited. And waited. (And waited).

And then I sent a DM to Lizzy, giving them a compliment about their work. And no response. It was a very surprising interaction (with nobody), as it seems very out of character for her page, her earnings level and her ability to engage with her audience.

It’s been a few days now, and it’s still empty. The sound of silence.


2 out of 10

The Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans page is one of the more expensive pages to subscribe to on the OnlyFans site. So if you are looking for value for money, you have to weigh up your options here. It’s $25.00 per month, and while that is a hefty price, you should also be expecting a lot of value for that.

During the Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans review, we found that, unlike other creators, she doesn’t engage, has no tip menu, and only seems to post 1 or 2 times a month. That doesn’t seem like good value.

Usually anything above $10/month should be at an excellent standard on the OnlyFans platform, but at 2.5x that price, it should come with pretty fantastic content.

Is Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans Worth It?

3.5 out of 10


In the end, is Lizzy Wurst OnlyFans worth it? While she is a social media megastar, I would think twice before hitting the subscribe button. As I was hopeful, due to her incredible high earnings, that this was going to be a home-run page, it turned out to be less than that.

Without not enough spicy content, a lack of main page features and a seemingly non-existent DM experience, this would be a page that I would not be taking a chance on.

She clearly has the audience but I wouldn’t say she’s mastered the art of making her subscribers happy. But what do I know, she only has 55,000 of them… even so, i’d say…

Skip this page, and find another content creator to support. It’ll be a better spend of your hard earned money.

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