Megnutt OnlyFans

Is Megnutt OnlyFans the real deal? We’ve checked out the Megnutt OnlyFans subscription and are ready to report back with a Megnutt OnlyFans review.

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Megnutt, also known as Megan Guthrie, is an incredible talent – from comedy, POV, and dressing up as Princess Leia – she’s gained a huge following from being spontaneous, fun and carefree on her channels.

This popularity led her to create the Megnutt OnlyFans page, which has boomed in popularity over the past year. Her ability to keep loyal fans is something we’ll explore in this Megnutt OnlyFans review article. 

How Much Does megnutT Make On OnlyFans?

Her uber popularity, and upsell content puts her in the top echelon of OF creators, with estimated earnings for the Megnutt OnlyFans page of $500k per month.Yowza! That’s $6,000,000 a year (ish). This puts the Megnutt OnlyFans page into the top 0.01% of earners on OnlyFans and in this article, we’re going to answer Is Megnutt OnlyFans worth it?!=

megnutt OnlyFans – Is It Worth It?

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Megnutt OnlyFans Review : OVERALL SCORE

5 out of 10

Below is a breakdown of why we rated Megnutt OnlyFans at 4 out of 10. With this score barely reaching a pass mark, it’s up to the reader’s discretion to answer is Megnutt OnlyFans worth it?

  • Content quality & spiciness (On a scale from modest to explicit)
  • Content frequency (How often does she post?)
  • Engagement (Does she respond to comments & DM’s?)
  • Price (Subscription and PPV)


3 out of 10

The Megnutt OnlyFans main page states off the bat that there are no full nudes on the site, which sets the tone, but the quality of the photos as you go through her page are low quality.

Here photos are mainly selfie-style, without much artistic thought or standard bathroom and bra photos. That’s kind of her MO though, so I guess she is being consistent. But the effort level of some of the other creators we’ve reviewed was so much higher. I found the Megnutt OnlyFans page to be lacking in effort.

During the Megnutt OnlyFans review, we found there was nothing too racy, or even seductive. Many of the photos have her looking like the Megnutt OnlyFans page is a bore, and a chore for her. I wasn’t surprised when, during the Megnutt OnlyFans review, where I did a google image search and found more spice on some of those photos. I began asking Is Megnutt OnlyFans worth it?


0 out of 10

On the Megnutt OnlyFans bio, it says that some people have been waiting a while for this page, but she herself doesn’t show any excitement or any teases to keep us guessing what’s to come. 

Megnut is a talented and perky content producer, as her other platforms show but at the time of review writing, hadn’t posted on her OF in over a month. The quality Ouch!

She only has 177 photos on the site, which for over 2 years on the platform, isn’t that promising. When you sort by ascending, it almost seemed like her initial content was far more quality and stunning than her most recent photos and videos.


8 out of 10

After doing initial research, this is where I was expecting Megnutt to shine. After all, she’s built a loyal base of followers in such a short time! After subscribing to Megnutt OnlyFans, I got a standard automated welcome message, with 5 videos to unlock for $49, a mini-menu of add-ons for extra money and a tease blank photo with the caption “do you like it when I don’t shave?”

It was an okay start, but when I started reaching out, I was responded to with additional paid videos with spicy content – probably the type of stuff you’d want to pay extra for. And she really knows her audience with personal messages “I filmed this with you in mind” was the caption of her $5 vid add on.

And after we chatted a bit, she sent a $40 photo with “my naughtiest content bade. I might regret sending this.” And she ends off the convo with “if u wanted to see me naked, all you had to do was ask.”

Now, they were all upsells with personal touches, but she didn’t pull any punches or have any chit-chat like other OF models. She went straight for her spicy videos, which is refreshing.

Over the following days, she gave updates via video on her travels. She showed off some spice in a hot tub, and anything that showed any ample skin was blurred, but because they were free add-ons, they were added value. You can see where you can really feel like part of her life because you can comment on her stories and she’ll write back.


2 out of 10

Megnutt offers a $12 a month 31 day subscription, with renewals for $12.  Is Megnutt OnlyFans worth it at this cost? There’s no free trial or lower price intro offer at the time of review. In general, anything around $10 is pretty good, and anything above that should come with extra perks. Most of the perks of Megnut seems to be the extra paid content, so it doesn’t seem like good value. Add onto no posts for the last month, and it makes you wonder why she doesn’t have a good agency taking care of all her posting and popularity for her?

Is Megnutt OnlyFans Worth It?

5 out of 10


In the end, Megnutt had a good OF experience…. behind the scenes. She has a great chat game, and will get you sliding into the DM’s to get the best stuff she has. The main page doesn’t leave much to be desired – Megnutt doesn’t have high-quality photos, a lack of good videos, and not a lot of content for 2 years on the platform!

I wouldn’t recommend the Megnutt OnlyFans page for her main content page, but behind the scenes things get taken up a notch. If you are a fan, and have been following for awhile, then it’s definitely worth checking out to interact and get her juiciest stuff.  

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