Sydney May OnlyFans

The Sydney May OnlyFans page is one of the newest to emerge from stardom gained from TikTok. This Los Angeles native is also a model, entrepreneur and social media personality. If you’ve followed her for a while, you know that she primarily rose to fame because of her cute skits, musical montages and TikTok’s that go viral at a higher than average rate. She’s a content producing machine, and the algorithm loves her!

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In this article, we are going to answer the question: Is Sydney May OnlyFans worth it? Keep reading more to find out.

How Much Does Sydney May Make On OnlyFans?

To research for this Sydney May OnlyFans review, there is only a few tidbits to show how much she could be making on the platform.

We know the Sydney May OnlyFans started in August 2021 and since then, she has followed her own model towards success that deviates from normal OnlyFans creators (more on this later in the Sydney May OnlyFans review).

Her popularity on the platform has shown growth as she has tended to her subscribers, with an impressive $400 VIP upsell that seems to be her main offer (that has over $15k tipped to in one post alone). That VIP upsell includes free unlimited chat, exclusive PPV’s, freebies and will open up all images that are initially locked.

It’s easy to estimate that with the Sydney May OnlyFans page as one of the most popular pages, and with that insane $400 VIP offer, she is earning between $1.3 million to $1.7 million on the site per month and most of it from this one upsell.

Sydney May OnlyFans OnlyFans – Is It Worth It?

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Sydney May OnlyFans Review: OVERALL SCORE

3.5 out of 10

Below is a breakdown of why we rated Sydney May OnlyFans Review at 3.5 out of 10

  • Content quality & spiciness (On a scale from modest to explicit)
  • Content frequency (How often does she post?)
  • Engagement (Does she respond to comments & DM’s?)
  • Price (Subscription and PPV)


2 out of 10

The Sydney May OnlyFans review shows that her first post was August 20th, 2021. On her main page, she has a lower than average amount of starting content numbers wise, with 250 photos and just 12 videos, which to say the least is very disappointing for someone who is primarily known as a TikTok star. These main page offerings pale in comparison to all of the biggest content creators on the platform, so she starts off on a disadvantaged note.

What about the quality and the spice level? Actually, in review, it’s around average to a regular OnlyFans main page, but it’s difficult to tell. For photos, she has locked most of them to view on the main page. What you can see, and what is unlocked, a usual spread of bikini’s, selfies and photoshoot snaps. This is what we would call the “instagram” level of spice, and doesn’t provide you with much to entice you to unlock the other content.

The video content leaves a lot to be desired, and hurts her in the star rating on this category. Out of the 12 videos, subscribers can only see 4 (with the other 8 locked behind a paywall) and out of the 4 available, 3 are directly from TikTok. Really doesn’t make a new subscriber feel welcome or push them to get the better package, so far.


4 out of 10

While doing research for the Sydney May OnlyFans review, from what I can tell, it looks like her focus is keeping the main page populated with 1-3 posts per week from her life. I’d consider 5-7 posts a week really good value, and based on that metric, there’s not really good value on the Sydney May OnlyFans page.

Like we spoke about earlier in the Sydney May OnlyFans review, she wouldn’t go amiss from providing just a little more spice in the photo content, to entice her new fans to start getting excited about her page and the content.


3 out of 10

After subscribing to the Sydney May OnlyFans, I received a locked (surprise, surprise) photo from her welcoming me to the page and telling me to check out her page to join her VIP. Again, she seems to be all give and no take, as I really haven’t seen anything that would be worth paying $400 to subscribe to.

I usually write a DM to the creator at this point, giving them a compliment about their work, but even that wouldn’t send without sending an additional tip.

After about an hour, Sydney May then responds with more video opportunities to engage with her spicy content (from $12). Pretty standard fare for someone at her size, but no personal connection, or chatting, which knocks her down a few stars in this section. She’d do well to chat to her subscribers and get them wanting to join her VIP section instead of just… expecting it. Disappointing.


5 out of 10

The Sydney May OnlyFans page is free. So there’s that. I guess it’s no expense out and no loss with that. Even then, free content on OnlyFans usually come with a catch. And on the Sydney May OnlyFans page, we found the catch to be the amount of content available is next to nothing.

During the Sydney May OnlyFans review, we found that, unlike other creators, the only upsell she has going is the $400 tip for the VIP package as we discussed above. But is it worth it? Based on what she’s shown (or not shown) so far, I’m really skeptical as to if she can provide enough value to make it worth that amount.

Usually anything above $10/month should be at an excellent standard on the OnlyFans platform, but 40x that should come with some pretty fantastic perks.

Is Sydney May OnlyFans Worth It?

3.5 out of 10


In the end, is Sydney May OnlyFans worth it? While she is a TikTok mega-star, and you may be a great fan, it’s worth checking out her main page and her photos and options before making any decisions.

Without any sort of spicy content, a lack of main page features and a seemingly de-personalized chatting experience, this would be a page that I would not be taking a chance on, even if it is free. She clearly has the audience but not yet the nuance, to make the Sydney May OnlyFans page really work well for the consumer. Maybe the $400 upsell is worth it, but I can’t see proof that it would be, so my suggestion…

Skip this page, and find another content creator to support. It’ll be a better spend of your hard earned money.

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